How do you purchase supplemental health insurance?

Your employer now must legally provide health insurance, and the government sets minimum standards as to what the coverage includes.

You still might not have the coverage you want, but you can add a supplemental or secondary policy to your medical coverage. Most people think of supplemental medical as related to Medigap insurance. You don’t have to be on Medicare or Medicaid to purchase a supplemental medical policy.

You can purchase your own policy and the one your employer provides. At Taake Insurance Agency, serving Columbia, IL, we can help you find the secondary medical coverage that rounds out your employer-provided one.

What might a secondary policy offer? You can obtain a policy that provides drug coverage, preventative care, or hospital coverage. Some supplemental policies cover a pre-existing condition that the employer’s group plan exempts.

You can have complete medical coverage by purchasing one of these policies. With medical insurance, no such thing as a one-size-fits-all policy exists. You build your own coverage based on your own medical needs. We can help you find medical coverage for your family, too. Your employer may offer family plans. You can purchase a plan that covers your entire immediate family, too.
Taake Insurance Agency doesn’t list every option on our website. Instead, please email or phone us for a consultation. We will meet with you online or in person to explore the range of suitable possibilities to address your medical coverage needs.

An option exists for nearly everyone. Call or email Taake Insurance Agency today. We serve the residents of Columbia, IL with the medical insurance they need. Let us help you find the right supplemental medical policy.