Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Five Benefits of a Home Insurance Policy

Investing in your dream home where you plan to raise your family is one of the most significant investments you can make. Protect your homeownership investment with comprehensive home insurance from Taake Insurance Agency in Columbia, IL! 

Benefits of Home Insurance in Columbia, IL 

Benefit #1. – Protect Your Home’s Interior and Exterior 

A comprehensive home insurance policy can provide financial coverage for your home’s key interior and exterior features. Licensed insurance agents can provide coverage advice and policy options based on your circumstances. 

Benefit #2 – Reduce Expenses

One of the best benefits of having a comprehensive policy is that you’re protected from unexpected incidents of thefts, vandalism, effects of natural disasters, and other covered perils. Comprehensive insurance can reduce out-of-pocket expenses when your policy covers your must-have items and repair or replacement costs. 

Benefit #3. – Avoid Legal Blindsides

Accidents can happen regardless of where we are –including unexpected accidents on your property. With comprehensive home insurance, avoid being blindsided by legal and financial claims associated with accidents on your property. 

Benefit #4. –  Temporary Displacement Support

Repairs and clean-up from natural disasters, floods, vandalism, and break-ins can render a family homeless while they await restoration. Talk to a trusted insurance agent to learn how to add emergency living expense coverage to your home insurance policy. 

Benefit #5. – Sleep Easier

Most homeowners rest easier at night when they know their homes are safe and protected from unexpected perils that would normally render them homeless. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your most prized possession from the unexpected.

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How does remodeling affect home insurance?

Remodeling a house to make it your home can be an enjoyable experience, especially when the work finishes. Still, remodeling increases your risk during the process and generally increases the value of a house, so you need to protect your investment during and after the remodeling project. At the Taake Insurance Agency, serving the Columbia, IL, area, our team will work with you to structure the home insurance coverage that protects your family during and after the project.

The Impact of Remodeling and Renovating

The typical home insurance policy offers basic protection during remodeling projects, but accidents can happen, so it is worth considering supplementing your policy during the work period. Some home insurance policies require homeowners to notify their insurance agent about their plans before beginning work. Due to the potential hazards and risk of injuries, homeowners should modify their home insurance coverage or acquire umbrella insurance.

After completing the work, remodeling projects often bring increased home size, enhanced fixtures or furnishings, or add touches that increase the home’s value, and you should update your policy to reflect those changes. Additions such as pools and hot tubs increase your risk and must be identified in the policy. Renovations that modernize your home’s wiring, plumbing, heating, or other system may reduce your risk. 

So, no matter the changes planned, it is best to discuss them with your agent in advance so you fully understand how they may affect your home insurance coverage.

Working with Taake Insurance Agency

Your home is likely one of your most significant investments and needs protection against unforeseen events. Our Taake Insurance Agency team proudly serves the Columbia, IL, area, and we want to help you with all your insurance needs. Call or stop by today to discuss your options.

How to make your home a safer place

A safe home is what most homeowners strive for. The danger in your home can come from within and outside. Knowing what your risks are, you can take the preventative action that is required. At Taake Insurance Agency in Columbia, IL, we have offered our customers security and peace of mind since 1977. As independent insurance agents, we can also provide more choices. 


Security is an integral part of making your home a safer place. It needs to be safe from threats outside. Begin with a basic security system. They come in a wide variety of options. You can have an installed system that is monitored, or you can install a system yourself. Many of the new systems can be monitored by you with your cellphone. Some are as simple as a doorbell camera. In addition, having motion sensor lights can help keep the exterior of your home lit. 

Windows and doors have locks, and it is essential that you use them. That means every door and window in your home. 


Making your home safe requires a little diligence on your part. Some important things need to be handled on a timely basis. Your chimney should be cleaned every year. The batteries in your smoke detectors need to be changed every six months and tested regularly. 

Poison chemicals should be kept in a locked cabinet out of the reach of children and pets. If you use poison to treat insects or weeds, do not let children or pets play in the area until it is safe. Also, keep any medication out of the reach of pets and children. 

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Home Insurance Coverage Options

The agents at the Taake Insurance Agency in Columbia, IL express the importance of home insurance. If you borrowed money from a bank or another lender to purchase your home, you are required to have a home insurance policy in place, but even if you paid cash for your home, you will want to protect it with an adequate amount of home insurance.

Home insurance is designed to replace or repair your home and your belongings and other items if your house is damaged by a fire, vandalism, or even a natural disaster. It can also cover theft or robbery incidents that take place at your home and may cover the items that are stolen.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

A typical homeowners insurance policy will cover your dwelling, which is the house itself, and other structures on your property. It will also cover your personal property inside your home, such as your belongings, household items, appliances, fixtures, etc. A homeowner’s insurance policy will also protect you from liability for injuries that may occur to someone visiting your property or for any damage to their property that happens while they are visiting you on your property.

Examples of other structures on your property include decks, barns, sheds, and even swimming pools. The dwelling portion of your home insurance protection includes your house, its foundation, and anything attached to your house, such as a garage or deck.

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Home Insurance and Theft

If you have ever been a victim of theft, you know how violating and maddening it can feel. You cannot always prevent another person from stealing your items. However, you can ensure that those items are covered by your home insurance policy and, therefore, easier to replace in case of a break-in. A standard homeowners insurance policy does, in fact, cover theft of items located on the premises. In some cases, the policy could even cover your possessions if they are stolen at a separate location.

Home insurance policies can offer coverage for a variety of situations. Amongst those situations are natural disasters as well as theft. Even if the theft takes place off of the property, or if the items stolen belonged to a house guest, these possessions can still be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you have an older child enrolled in college and living in a dorm room, some of their stolen items may also be covered by the same policy. With one simple policy, you can provide your entire household with coverage that will make your lives easier.

If you need a policy covering all of the basics, Taake Insurance Agency in Columbia, IL can take care of you. This company has been in business since 1977, so they know insurance inside and out. Taake Insurance Agency can assist you with any questions you may have about a policy that will protect your assets. While you may not have control over someone stealing your things, you have control over whether or not those items are insured. Call Taake Insurance Agency today or stop by if you are in the Columbia, IL area.

The Hidden Dangers of Not Having Home Insurance

Home insurance is one of those things that many people think they don’t need until it’s too late. While it may seem like an added expense, home insurance can save you a lot of money in the long run. So, before you decide to forego coverage, take a moment to consider the hidden dangers of being uninsured. They include:

1. You Could Lose Everything

The most obvious danger of not having home insurance is that you could lose everything in the event of a fire, theft, or another disaster. While your home may be your most valuable asset, it’s also one of the most vulnerable. Without insurance, you would have to bear the entire cost of rebuilding or replacing your home and possessions. This could easily bankrupt you, especially if you have a mortgage.

2. You Could Be Sued

Another hidden danger of not having home insurance is that you could be sued if someone is injured on your property. If you’re found to be at fault, you could be responsible for paying the victim’s medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. This could easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more. Home insurance would cover these costs up to your policy limit.

3. You Risk Huge Repair Bills

One of the most common reasons people file insurance claims is to pay for major repairs, such as a new roof. These repairs can be costly, and if you’re not insured, you’ll have to pay for them out of your pocket. This could leave you in a serious financial bind.

4. It Leaves Your Home Vulnerable

Another hidden danger of not having home insurance is that it leaves your home vulnerable to vandals and criminals. If your home is broken into or vandalized, you’ll have to pay to repair the damage yourself. This can be costly, and it could easily be avoided by having insurance.

Don’t let the hidden dangers of not having home insurance surprise you. Taake Insurance Agency in Columbia, IL can help you find the right coverage for your needs and budget. Give us a call today to get started.


Why do you need home insurance in Illinois?

When you are in the Columbia, IL area, you could find that owning a home is a great option for housing. While there are a lot of benefits that will come with property ownership here, there are risks as well. It is important that you mitigate some of these risks by getting home insurance. There are various reasons why the typical person here will need to get a home insurance plan. 

Coverage Needed to Protect Home

A primary reason to get home coverage in this state is that it is required to protect your home. When you are a property owner, you will want to know that you have support if your property is damaged due to a fire, vandalism, or other accident. With a home insurance plan, you will get the support that you need in these challenging situations. 

Stay in Compliance

You will also have to get a home insurance plan so you can stay in compliance with various requirements. If you are going to buy a home, your mortgage lender will require that you have insurance in place. Also, if you live in a home association, there will be community rules and guidelines set up around your insurance needs. Maintaining a proper plan will help you remain in compliance with all of these requirements. 

As you are evaluating your options for insurance when you are in the Columbia, IL area, you can find that there are complexities that come with picking a plan. Fortunately, the professionals with Taake Insurance Agency understand this type of coverage. As you discuss your options with Taake Insurance Agency, you will get to build your own plan that will properly meet your needs. This will help ensure that you remain fully protected in the future. 

Top 5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Buying Home Insurance

Buying home insurance is a big decision, so you need to be careful to ensure you buy the best policy to protect your investment. For residents of Columbia, IL, Taake Insurance Agency has agents who can help you with this decision.

Top Mistakes Homeowners Make When Buying Home Insurance

Choosing the wrong insurer

Make sure that the company you choose is solid financially and don’t just go for the cheapest policies. Depending on how stable the company is, after thorough research, you can tell how long the company has been in business and if they are the best to handle your claims.

Purchasing less coverage to save on costs

Most homeowners might opt for cheaper coverage, but it isn’t a smart financial or investment decision in the long run. It will affect your compensation when it comes to making a claim, and you might have to pay out of your pocket. You can opt to increase your deductibility instead of getting less coverage.

Failure to ask the right questions

Buying home insurance is confusing, especially when you don’t know about the coverages. As such, don’t make the mistake of rushing to buy an insurance policy blindly without consulting with insurance agents. Ask about the coverage exclusions, the deductibles, and any discounts available, and find out how claims are handled.

Thinking flood insurance is included.

Most homeowners make the mistake of thinking that their standard home insurance policy covers floods as well. You will need to buy flood insurance in addition to your home insurance for protection against floods, hurricanes, storms, and torrential rains.

Not reviewing all coverages included in the policy

Reading through everything that has been covered can be very tedious at times; unless of course, you understand every single word on the page. Many people just sign up for whatever their current policy says, but this can leave out some necessary coverage – especially if something changes. In order to prevent this from happening, you should really just go through every single detail of the policy and make sure that is accurate.

With the right insurer and necessary insight, you are guaranteed to buy a policy that fits your needs and avoid the common mistakes people make when buying home insurance. Consult with Taake Insurance Agency serving Columbia, IL when buying a home insurance policy to get the advice you need.

Reasons to Review Your Home Insurance

Home maintenance is an essential process for every homeowner, without which your property would likely deteriorate. Like maintenance, reviewing your home insurance also comes with benefits, helping you get updated coverage to suit your changing needs. Below, Taake Insurance Agency explains reasons to consider reviewing your home coverage for your Columbia, IL property.

Changes in Your Property Value

Properties will often experience changes in value, with the majority appreciating them over the years. If disasters cause property damage to your home, your compensation will be inadequate to cover the increased worth, forcing you to pay the difference as an out-of-pocket cost. Reviewing your insurance allows you to reflect your home’s actual value, helping you get the proper coverage when faced with an emergency.

Increase in Personal Contents

The average homeowner adds various personal belongings to their home collection so often, meaning their contents are likely to increase as time goes by. Whether it is electronics, clothing, or furniture, you need coverage that caters to your new items. This is another reason to consider reviewing your home policy to ensure you account for additional items that may be excluded from your initial coverage.

Changes to Home Usage

Your home insurance will often be based on factors such as usage, with a change to this requiring you to get a policy review. If you currently rent out your house instead of using it as a primary home, your coverage will be different. Ensure that you have your insurance reviewed to cater to such changes to meet your new home usage needs.

To Check for Discounts

Home insurance policies will often come with discounts, with the common reasons for this being making improvements to your property or changes in your provider’s terms. If, for instance, you get updated security features, you may get discounts due to reduced risks. Upgrades to plumbing or conditioning systems could also help you qualify for discounts due to improved home value. To take advantage of this, make it a point to review your policy frequently.

If you need home insurance for your Columbia, IL property, call Taake Insurance Agency today for coverage suited to your needs.

Why should I get home insurance in Illinois?

Owning a property in the Columbia, IL area continues to be a great long-term investment. As you are shopping for a new property in Illinois, you should also make sure that you get the right insurance for it. There are several different reasons that you should get a new home insurance policy when you are in this area of the state. 

Insurance Protects Assets

A reason that you should get home insurance here is that it can protect your assets. Anyone that is going to buy a property needs to make sure that their valuable asset is properly covered with insurance protection. An insurance policy can give you the protection that you need to repair your home if it is damaged. You can also get additional coverage for your personal assets, which will allow you to replace them if they are stolen or damaged. 

Insurance is Required

You will also need to get home insurance because it will be required for you to have. Most people in Illinois will take out a mortgage to purchase their home. When this occurs, you will need to have proper insurance that complies with your mortgage requirements. Most lenders will have insurance policy requirements that will be discussed in your loan agreement. They may require that you escrow for payments each month as well. 

Columbia, IL residents are often much better off buying a home rather than renting. If you decide that buying is right for you and your situation, you should speak with Taake Insurance Agency to discuss your insurance needs. Picking the right home insurance plan for your situation is very important. When you call Taake Insurance Agency, you can get all of the guidance that is needed to fully understand your options and ensure that your home is properly covered.