3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Vandals and Break-Ins

Columbia, IL residents who own their homes often look for the best way to keep their property secure and protected from burglars. The agents of the Taake Insurance Agency understand how vital home security is. They have home insurance policies for almost every type of property. There are several ways to keep your property safe from vandals and break-ins.

Install a Security Light

Installing a home security light will keep your property well-lit. Place motion-activated lights over doors so that anyone who approaches will light them up. This eliminates dark areas where burglars try to hide before they attempt to make access to your home.

Start a Neighborhood Watch Program

If you live in a neighborhood where everyone knows one another, strangers are easy to spot. Start a neighborhood watch program where everyone watches out for one another’s’ property. It’s an excellent way for a community to come together and work as a group to keep all of the residents and their property safe and secure.

Install Surveillance Cameras

Install surveillance cameras. Many cameras have motion sensors installed that trigger them to turn on when something crosses in front of them. They can also be accessed through an app that is downloaded to your phone. This allows you to keep an eye on your home at any time.

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