What happens if my Columbia, IL auto insurance maxes out?

Illinois requires every vehicle driver to carry a minimum amount of coverage. That coverage is only for the other drivers and passengers and has limits per person and per accident. If you drive in Columbia, IL, Taake Insurance Agency can help you explore your options if you consider getting additional protection.

You Are Responsible For Any Damage You Cause

If you are found to be at fault in an accident, you are responsible for paying for all the property damage and medical bills. You are responsible if the other driver needs to rent a car. If there is a lawsuit, you are the one responsible.

You carry insurance so you will not have to pay for all that yourself. Your insurance will only pay out to the policy limits you have chosen.

What Happens When You Max Out?

After your insurance maxes out, you are still responsible for all of the damages. If you cannot pay, a judge can compensate the victim in other ways. For instance:

  • A judge can order that your wages be garnished until the damages are paid.
  • A lien can be put on your house to force you to pay.
  • The victim may be able to take your other assets, such as if you have money in a bank account.

Call Today To Discuss Your Options

Once you realize how much an accident could cost, you may feel vulnerable when driving. Most people with minimum coverage cannot pay for a serious accident. If you would like to discuss additional coverage or have any questions about Illinois auto insurance, please call Taake Insurance Agency Columbia, IL today.