Health Insurance FAQs

Health insurance is important for your physical and financial health. However, you may have questions about your health insurance policy. We provide health insurance policies at Taake Insurance Agency in Columbia, IL. 

What is Out of Network Coverage? 

Health insurers make agreements with some providers. In exchange for becoming part of the network, the provider agrees to a lower price for services. Providers that don’t have this agreement are considered out-of-network providers. 

 All health insurance policies cover in-network providers. Some policies provide some coverage for out-of-network providers, and others don’t offer any. 

Is Emergency Care Covered? 

Yes. Federal law states that health insurance plans must cover emergency care, regardless of whether the provider or hospital is in-network. 

You should also know that the insurance provider can’t charge a higher copay for out-of-network emergency care. 

How Do I Choose the Best Plan?

Several factors must be considered when buying health insurance. Your deductible, copay, coverage limits, and the services covered will vary from plan to plan. 

If you rarely go to the doctor, you may want to choose a plan with a lower premium and a higher deductible. However, a plan with a higher premium and a lower copay may be the best option if you visit the doctor regularly. 

Does Health Insurance cover Prescription Medications? 

Yes. Most health insurance policies cover prescription medications. However, which drugs are covered will vary from plan to plan. The copay for medication will vary as well. When selecting a plan, you should consider how often you need medication. If you are currently taking a medication, ask if it’s covered by the policy you are considering. 

Health Insurance at Taake Insurance Agency

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