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Illinois Health insurance coverage
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Health Insurance in Illinois

Why You Need Health Insurance

Health insurance is vital in Illinois for a number of reasons. Insurance will cover some essential health benefits that are important for maintaining your overall health, as well as treat illnesses and accidents. With health insurance, you can afford the high costs that come with medical care. You also get free preventative care, such as vaccines, screenings, and even some check-ups.

What You Should Know about Health Insurance in Illinois

Once the ACA took effect, the state established its own state marketplace for residents to enroll in compliant health plans. These are for those who aren’t able to get health insurance through their employer. Illinois is also one of the many states to expand Medicaid since the ACA took effect.

To get help choosing a health plan, contact an agent at Taake Insurance Agency. There are four categories of coverage: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These affect the plan share cost, but don’t change the quality of care. Bronze plans have lower premiums but higher out of pocket costs. When choosing a plan, look at both the monthly bill for the insurance premium and potential out-of-pocket expenses, which should include your deductible, to make sure that you can afford both costs. Having a higher deductible may mean that you pay less in premiums.

There is also the decision to choose between different network types. Some, such as a PPO, will allow you to go to different doctors or facilities and not have to go to your primary care doctor before you see a specialist. Others, such as an HMO, limit the doctors and facilities you can go to and require you see a primary care doctor before you see a specialist. Both have their own pros and cons, and your choice will depend on which doctors you want to see.

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