How do you buy health insurance outside of open enrollment?

You probably know that the US health insurance marketplace holds open enrollment annually. What happens if you miss it though? Perhaps your situation changed and now you need insurance, but your employer-provided it before. Taake Insurance Agency serving Columbia, IL can help you obtain the health insurance policy you need.

You do not need to wait for open enrollment if you qualify for an exception. If your employer fired you or closed their business, that’s an exception. Other exceptions include your spouse’s death or another life-changing occurrence that was out of your control, like a transfer that moves you across the country.

You fill out the form at the marketplace and document your exception. This lets you purchase insurance through the marketplace purchase from Taake Insurance Agency. You will need to provide proof of the exception, such as separation paperwork, documentation of your move to Illinois or Columbia specifically, and show that this negates your use of your current health insurance. Your new employer must provide insurance, but if you have to re-locate without having a job, you can obtain it through us.

You can also purchase a temporary policy if you do not qualify for an exception. To do this, you also visit the marketplace and choose Taake Insurance Agency. This displays the temporary plans we have to offer. You choose one and purchase it. These policies provide coverage while you wait for open enrollment. You must purchase full health insurance once open enrollment occurs.

You can avoid going through the marketplace by contacting Taake Insurance Agency serving Columbia, IL. We can help you obtain the health insurance you need directly.