Auto Insurance Tips For New Drivers in Columbia, IL

Auto Insurance Tips For New Drivers in Columbia, IL

Getting your license and driving your first car can be an exciting adventure as shopping for it. You may already develop a few plans where your new ride is taking you, but have you thought about insurance? With road safety comes traffic rules and mandatory auto insurance. At Taake Insurance Agency, we help all drivers find policies that fit their budget, style, and preference. We also help make things less complicated and help you make an informed decision. With that said, here are a few insurance tips for new drivers in Columbia, IL.

Shop around

With so many insurance companies in Columbia IL, you are likely to get spoiled for choice. However, it is essential to know what you want and find reasonable prices for the same. Insurance companies have different ways of calculating premiums, therefore don’t just settle on the nearest insurance company around you. Don’t forget that cheap can also be expensive. Most inexpensive policies may have limited coverages, which may not be useful during an accident.

Know your insurance needs

If you don’t know what you want, you are likely to buy a policy that may not provide the protection you need.  For instance, if you have young teenagers driving your car, you may need more liability coverage. It is also a good idea to pack your policy with comprehensive and Collison coverages if you will be using the car often.

Look for discounts

You may already have discovered that buying insurance for the first time is not cheap. Insurance companies check factors like your driving experience, where you live, the model and year of the car, how you intend to use the vehicle, and many other things to calculate and come up with your rate.  Find ways to reduce your rates by looking for discounts and increasing your deductibles.

Looking for an auto insurance policy in Columbia, IL? Taake Insurance Agency is here to help you through the complex insurance journey. Contact us today!

Why should I get home insurance in Illinois?

Owning a property in the Columbia, IL area continues to be a great long-term investment. As you are shopping for a new property in Illinois, you should also make sure that you get the right insurance for it. There are several different reasons that you should get a new home insurance policy when you are in this area of the state. 

Insurance Protects Assets

A reason that you should get home insurance here is that it can protect your assets. Anyone that is going to buy a property needs to make sure that their valuable asset is properly covered with insurance protection. An insurance policy can give you the protection that you need to repair your home if it is damaged. You can also get additional coverage for your personal assets, which will allow you to replace them if they are stolen or damaged. 

Insurance is Required

You will also need to get home insurance because it will be required for you to have. Most people in Illinois will take out a mortgage to purchase their home. When this occurs, you will need to have proper insurance that complies with your mortgage requirements. Most lenders will have insurance policy requirements that will be discussed in your loan agreement. They may require that you escrow for payments each month as well. 

Columbia, IL residents are often much better off buying a home rather than renting. If you decide that buying is right for you and your situation, you should speak with Taake Insurance Agency to discuss your insurance needs. Picking the right home insurance plan for your situation is very important. When you call Taake Insurance Agency, you can get all of the guidance that is needed to fully understand your options and ensure that your home is properly covered. 

What comes with an auto insurance policy in Illinois?

In Columbia, IL, owning a car is a necessity to ensure that you are able to get around town. If you are in the market for a new vehicle here, you should also make sure that you are insuring it as well as possible. Auto insurance is often required by an auto loan provider and is a state requirement. When you do get a new auto insurance policy, it will include several different forms of insurance coverage that can make it a great investment for you.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

One type of coverage that you will receive will include collision and comprehensive coverage. When you get this type of insurance, it will give protection if your vehicle is stolen or damaged. This ultimately will help to ensure that you can repair or replace your car. Additionally, this type of coverage is normally required if you have an auto loan.

Liability Coverage

You will also receive an appropriate liability insurance policy. A full liability insurance policy will give coverage in the event you are at fault in an accident. If this does occur, your insurance policy can pay for damages that you cause including car repairs and medical bills. To drive your car legally, you will need to have this protection. 

As you are shopping for an auto insurance policy in Columbia, IL, it would be a good idea to get the guidance and support from a professional that you need to choose the right policy. A great resource to help you pick the right policy to meet your needs is the team at Taake Insurance Agency. If you do work with Taake Insurance Agency, you will get to learn more about the benefits of this valuable form of insurance. 

Will injuries on my pets be covered by home insurance?

Will home insurance cover injuries on my pets?

Pets are part of our lives, and we want to protect them from any accident. But having a pet in our condo, rentals, or homes increases their risk of damage and accidents. Most insurance agencies give liability coverage if your pet gets injured.

As a homeowner, I’m interested to know what coverage is under my home insurance cover. I’m worried about having coverage for my pets if they get injured, damage my property, or injure my guests.

It’s with no doubt some incidents could be hazardous and expensive if a lawsuit is involved. Different insurance agencies have a unique policy, so pet owners should call their insurers in advance to see what sorts of pet coverage they will get.

Great news for residents of Columbia IL, Taake Insurance Agency, provide liability coverage for your pets. It’s important to understand that home insurance covers bodily injury liability and property damage liability for your pets.

  • Property damage liability:

If your pet escapes and ends up stomping on or destroying another person’s property, your home insurance policy will cover you. Home insurance will cover the expenses to fix the property damaged and any lawful charges from an expected lawsuit claim.

  • Injury liability:

Suppose your pet injures a visitor on your property, or your carry your pet with you to another person’s home, and your pet injures tenants there. In that case, your home insurance policy gives coverage to the injuries incurred. Your insurance policy will repay you for charges relating to clinical payments if the injury is awful enough to require a clinic visit and cover lawful expenses if a lawsuit is issued. Here legal charges will cover your lawyer, court expenses, and any settlements you’re requested to pay if the argument rules against you.

Start your journey towards a successful insurance plan for your home by giving us a call at Taake Insurance Agency in Columbia, IL.

A Look At 8 Important Facts Regarding Health Insurance

For over 40 years, Taake Insurance Agency has served the Columbia, IL community by offering residents different types of insurance coverage. We strive to help our clients secure their assets and prepare for their future. As an independent agency, we have established successful partnerships with several top carriers in the Midwest.

8 Important Health Insurance Facts

Health insurance is a major asset as you strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The policy covers you in the event that you become ill and need to go see your doctor. You’ll also be covered during preventative care measures such as your yearly checkups and screenings. Here are 8 important facts to consider while researching health insurance policies.

The Policy Covers You During An Emergency

While no one plans on becoming sick or being diagnosed with an illness, it’s likely that you will have a period in your life where you just aren’t feeling well. Health insurance will cover you during an emergency situation.

It’s Important To Have Your Own Policy

Even if you have coverage through your employer, it’s a mistake to simply rely on that coverage. Research your own individual policy to ensure that you are protected in every situation.

Health Insurance Policies Contain A Network

Be aware that every insurance policy includes a network of different doctors and hospitals that you can choose from. The plan includes a list of covered medications.

You Can Amend Your Policy For Additional Treatment

For example, you can amend your policy to cover issues regarding your mental health.

You May Be Able To Add Personal Goals To Your Policy

For example, you can note in your policy that you plan to lose a specific amount of weight.

Many Policies Have Taken Note Of Recent Technologies

Newer policies include innovative policies and telemedicine visits.

Watch The Deadline

It’s important that you pay attention to the enrollment dates for signing up.

Taake Insurance Agency Will Guide You Through The Process

Visit our website to learn more information about the health insurance policies we offer in Columbia, IL.

Three mistakes to avoid when you purchase life insurance in Illinois

The decision of which life insurance policy to purchase is a significant decision that could impact the finances of your family down the road. Consumers in Columbia, IL can rely on us at Taake Insurance Agency for information on life insurance options.

The following are three mistakes you should avoid if you’re in the process of purchasing life insurance in Illinois. 

Buying an inadequate amount of coverage

One of the most important decisions you need to make is how much coverage to purchase. The amount of coverage you need depends on what expenses your beneficiaries will face if you should pass away suddenly.

Calculate the needs of your beneficiaries carefully. Life insurance is needed to replace your income for those who are financially dependent on you. Ideally, you want a death benefit amount that’s high enough so that your beneficiaries can continue to enjoy the same lifestyle without your income.

Choosing too short a policy term

If you’re purchasing a term life insurance policy, make sure the policy term you select is long enough. Once your term is up, you might face challenges renewing your policy. This is especially true if you develop a health problem in the meantime.

Choose a longer policy term to enjoy reliable coverage well into the future. 

Purchasing a life insurance policy without thoroughly understanding the product

Life insurance is a complex financial product. You have numerous types of life insurance policies to choose from. You also can select between various policy options.

Do your research before making a decision on life insurance. Be sure you understand the differences between term, whole, and universal life insurance. Also, be sure you shop around and get numerous quotes to find the best option. 

Do you have questions about life insurance? We’re here to help. Consumers looking for life insurance in Columbia, IL can contact us at Taake Insurance Agency to explore our life insurance policy options. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Your business is not only your livelihood but it is more than likely one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. You need the peace of mind and security that is provided by a commercial insurance policy. Here are some of the main coverage options that a commercial insurance policy will provide for you and your business.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In the state of Illinois, all businesses you must have workers’ compensation insurance if you have four or more employees working for you at your business. This type of policy will cover injuries or illnesses that may be sustained by employees while working at their job.

Commercial Auto Insurance

It is also required to have at least liability insurance in Illinois for all vehicles, including those that are used for business. This policy will cover any injuries to people involved in an accident up to a certain amount along with property damage that occurs during the accident.

General Liability Insurance

This policy will protect you if a customer or visitor is injured on your business’ property or due to a product you sell. This will also cover property that is damaged by your business. For example, if you own a tree-trimming business and a branch falls from a tree and hits someone, causing them to be injured, this policy will help to cover the medical expenses and time off of work that they may incur. If you rent the space in which your business is located, the property owner will more than likely require you to obtain a liability policy.

To create the best policy for you and your business, you will need to enlist the help of an experienced commercial insurance agent like the agents at the Taake Insurance Agency in Columbia, IL. Call for an appointment today!

What You Should Know Your First Time Buying Auto Insurance

If you’re a new driver in Columbia, IL, buying insurance may seem confusing at first, but it’s not so tricky once you wrap your head around it. There are just a few things you’ll need to keep in mind:

  • "Full coverage" breaks down into three basic categories: Liability, which covers the damages if someone else suffers injury or property loss and you are held responsible, collision, which includes your car in the event of a collision, and comprehensive, which covers your vehicle if it is damaged outside of a traffic accident.
  • Liability is required by law for all motorists. Comprehensive and collision are optional, but necessary if you want your car to be covered.
  • Prices can vary wildly. The same policy may cost two, three times as much from one insurer to the next. You’ll want to shop around and compare quotes. At Taake Insurance Agency, we can help by comparing a lot of different offers for you.
  • Ask about discounts. A first-time insurance-buyer is going to spend more than someone who’s been on the road for a few years, but discounts can make a big difference.
  • Higher deductibles mean lower premiums. You don’t want a deductible that’s higher than you can pay at a moment’s notice, but a higher deductible will have you paying less from month to month.

If you have any questions, give us a call at Taake Insurance Agency, and let’s see what we can do for you. We can help drivers in Columbia, IL get a good deal on an excellent policy, whether you’ve been driving for years or you’re just getting started. So call, send an email, or stop by our offices.

3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Vandals and Break-Ins

Columbia, IL residents who own their homes often look for the best way to keep their property secure and protected from burglars. The agents of the Taake Insurance Agency understand how vital home security is. They have home insurance policies for almost every type of property. There are several ways to keep your property safe from vandals and break-ins.

Install a Security Light

Installing a home security light will keep your property well-lit. Place motion-activated lights over doors so that anyone who approaches will light them up. This eliminates dark areas where burglars try to hide before they attempt to make access to your home.

Start a Neighborhood Watch Program

If you live in a neighborhood where everyone knows one another, strangers are easy to spot. Start a neighborhood watch program where everyone watches out for one another’s’ property. It’s an excellent way for a community to come together and work as a group to keep all of the residents and their property safe and secure.

Install Surveillance Cameras

Install surveillance cameras. Many cameras have motion sensors installed that trigger them to turn on when something crosses in front of them. They can also be accessed through an app that is downloaded to your phone. This allows you to keep an eye on your home at any time.

The agents of Taake Insurance Agency are always ready with the answers their clients need. If you live in or near Columbia, IL, call and schedule a consultation. Call our agents or stop by the office so that you can have your existing policy updated. Talk to your agent often so that you always have the right coverage in place. Don’t wait! Find out what your options are now!


Types of Health Insurance Coverage

If you own your own business or your employer doesn’t offer health insurance, you might have to look into private health insurance. Under private health insurance, policyholders pay the entire premium based on the coverage they choose. Call Taake Insurance Agency in Columbia, IL for assistance selecting your health insurance policy and understanding the various options available. 

Who Needs Private Health Insurance?

If you just turned 26 and can no longer use your parents’ insurance, you might need to purchase private insurance. Those who are unemployed or self-employed also need to find their own insurance since there is no employer to turn to for benefits. The same holds true for part-time workers and new business owners who don’t have the option of an employer-based plan. Additionally, recent retirees who may not qualify for Medicaid and Medicare may also turn to the private health insurance market.

Your insurance agent can help you navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace created in 2014 under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It’s a good idea to understand the types of private insurance available before narrowing down your best options.

Types of Private Insurance Plans Available

Here are the most common types of private insurance plans. A health maintenance organization (HMO) provides insurance coverage via a specific network of approved providers. A preferred provider organization (PPO) offers medical care to subscribers for reduced rates. An exclusive provider organization (EPO) restricts covered care to providers within a documented network — excluding exceptions for emergencies. Additionally, a short-term insurance policy lasts for a short term of up to one year. This type of coverage can ensure that you have health insurance between open enrollment periods.

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