Do You Need Comprehensive Auto Insurance in Illinois

Comprehensive auto insurance in Illinois is a type of coverage that will pay for almost all things that can happen to your vehicle that aren’t collision related. If you have weather damage, tree damage, theft or fire problems, your comprehensive coverage will protect you financially.

You aren’t required to have comprehensive insurance in Illinois, unless your lender is asking for it. At Taake Insurance Agency, we want Columbia, IL residents to feel secure when they are on the roads.

What is Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive insurance is the kind of insurance that covers things that collision and liability insurance do not cover in auto insurance. If your car is damaged, or you experience damages or losses as a result of something happening to your car, the comprehensive insurance will be the insurance that will cover you. It is always worth it, and the costs to your policy aren’t that severe. 

The most common claims covered by comprehensive insurance are:

• Fire
• Hurricane or tornado damage
• Theft, vandalism, or other crime
• Animal damage
• Civil unrest, such as protests or riots that lead to property damage

What your comprehensive insurance will not cover is property damage caused during a collision, or to another vehicle during a collision. It also will not cover medical costs that result from a collision. This is what your minimum insurance coverages for Illinois will cost.

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