Adding Your Teen to Your Auto Insurance

Adding Your Teen to Your Auto Insurance

Taake Insurance Agency serving Columbia, IL understands that harrowing moment in every parent’s life when your teenager obtains their driver’s license. Your little kid makes their first foray into adulthood, and it is likely that you foot part of the bill.

You might help them buy their first car or help them pay for their auto insurance. You have two options when it comes to their auto insurance:

  • add them to your own policy,
  • purchase a separate auto insurance policy for them.

Which is better?

It depends on your policy, your driving record, and where you live. You should contact Taake Insurance Agency to discuss which would provide a better premium cost for you. Many factors influence how much your auto insurance costs, including your credit score. Since your child doesn’t yet have a credit score, the insurance company relies on yours.

Your costs to add them or obtain their own policy will differ. Although we are the insurance firm, we’ll counsel you to choose the option of the two that costs you less money since you will obtain the exact same coverage from either.

The vehicle they purchase will also influence the cost. Insuring them to drive the family station wagon or a good used car will cost less than if they purchase a sports car with the money from their part-time job. The vehicle you let them drive plays a large part in the cost of the insurance policy.

Contact Taake Insurance Agency today to explore insuring the new driver in your family today. We can help you find the most cost-conscious solution for your Columbia, IL insurance solution.